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MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)
MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)
morospot lotion with aloe vera in background
MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)
MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)
MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)
MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)
MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)
MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)

MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)


Nourish your skin with the essence of Aloe Vera. Experience luxurious moisturising and effective whitening as you shower. Leave your nights for relaxation and leisure, instead of applying lotion after lotion. With Morospot’s one-step whitening power that cleanses and hydrates at the same time, you can do away with other shower foams and whitening products.

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Why Switch to Morospot?

- Mild pH Value – 5.5ph – suitable for all skin types

- Excellent foaming ability 

- Excellent cleansing power

- Effective whitening power

- Excellent hydrating power 

- Softer & smoother skin after shower  

- Helps to maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier  

- Prevents skin dryness / skin dullness

- Recaptures skin’s youthful luminosity 

- Hence skin healing

- Easy to rinse off 


Morospot is free from:

Petroleum Based Surfactant, Sulfate, Silicone, Paraben, Methylisothiazolinone, Synthetic colorant, Mineral Oil, Animal Origin Ingredients (Cruelty Free), Alcohol, Hydroquinone


1 bottle: 300ml

Suitable Skin Type: For all skin types  

Direction of Use: Press enough onto palm, and apply all over the body with your hands or a wet sponge. Gently massage all over your body and rinse thoroughly. For external use only.


More Product Information

Summer of Love    

A beautiful encounter between you and the fresh air and fragrance of plants after a summer rain will refresh your skin. A full protection from top to toe during hot summer is needed in order to keep your body skin stay fair and moisture.

An excellent body wash should contain the entire elements requested by your skin. A body wash with the whitening and hydrating effects is as important as your skin care products. You may clean, whiten and hydrate your skin at the same time.

The product is made by the combination of natural aqua water and plant amino acid mixture essence. Texture of the body wash is fine without impurity and it is not ropy as well. This fine and refreshing body wash contains natural composition of tangerine orange, which may cleanse dirt in the pores and dead skin’s keratin thoroughly. It is able to cleanse the excessive grease secretion from the skin.

Feel the clean and refreshing young skin after used. It may avoid skin from moisturizing lipoma and acne. The adaption of the fine sunflower seed oil is effective in moisturizing. It has an unforgettable tangerine orange scent during use. It is not only refreshing your skin but also keeps it healthy and smooth. The natural aloe vera gel which is good in sterilizing bacteria may help to heal the dermatophytosis and sore and skin itchy. It’s suitable for all skin types.

The Features of A Fine Whitening and Nourish Body Wash Are:

The secreted hydrolipidic film from human body is subacidity in order to keep the skin healthy. The pH value of the product is about 5.5, which may protect the skin from the external stimulation. Mildness of a body wash may affect the acid-base equilibrium of skin.

Excellent Foaming Ability 

The fine and concentrated foam of the product may cleanse the dirt in the pores and skin surface, where inequality and rare foam unable to do so. Hence, it’s very important to choose a shower gel based on the quantity, compactness and bounciness of its foam.

Excellent Cleansing Power 

The product is formed by an oil-phase substance, aqueous-phase substance, certain free form of surfactants and nutrients. The oil-phase substance may dissolve the oil solubility grease, while the aqueous-phase substance may dissolve water solubility sweat stained and dirt. It will cleanse the grease and dirt of the skin surface thoroughly.

Effective Whitening Power 

The product was tested its whitening ability in restrain the growth of melanin by using the standard tyrosine and the potato sauce which is rich with monophenolase, together with the product. The test result shows after the product was added, the potato sauce has turned to whiter. This shown the product is effective in whitening.

Excellent Hydrating Power 

Hydrating power of a body wash may affect the skin absorption power towards nutrients. The excellent hydrating power of the product may provide a good environment to skin and accelerate the skin absorption power towards skin care products.

The Effects of Tangerine Orange on Skin  

Tangerine orange may eliminate toxins from skin. It is an excellent skin care product since it may improve skin dryness, wrinkles and eczema effectively. The peel of tangerine oranges contains alpha hydroxyl acid (aha), a substance effective in skin softening and renewing. Besides, tangerine orange supports anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial and keeps oily skin fresh and energetic.

The Effects of Sunflower Seed Oil To Skin  

This sunflower seed extracted sunflower seed oil is highly moisturizing. A great quality of sunflower seed oil has excellent skin care result. This human sebum likeness oil may imitate the natural skin lipid by presenting the neutral oil. It leaves a thin layer of oil on skin in order to moisturizing the skin. This Vitamin E contained sunflower seed oil is great skin care product.

The Effects of Aloe Vera Towards Skin

The cell essence of aloin in aloe vera works well in anti-bacteria. This offensive biochemical caused aloe vera is excellent in sterilize.

The Effect of Diminished Inflammation  

One of the important functions of aloe vera is diminish inflammation. Aloe vera has evident abirritation and efficacy of anti-inflammation in healing the inflammation caused by burnt, physical injury, corrosive chemical burn, ultraviolet and thermal radiation. Experiment proved that the drug effect of the aloe vera made anti-inflammation is comparative as modern chemical synthesized anti-inflammatory. Moreover, aloe vera is harmless to human body.

Effect As Immunostimulant  

Aloe vera may increase the immunity of organism. It has curative effect in healing skin diseases which are caused by the decreased immunity.

The Effect of Wound Healing  

Assist in wound healing is another prominent feature of aloe vera. Aloe vera shows significant efficacy in wound and anabrosis healing. Aloe vera may assist in any of the healing process.

Ingredients : Aqua, Sodium, Cocoyl Glycinate, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Propanediol, Niacinamide, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Coco-Caprylate/ Caprate, PCA Glyceryl Oleate, Sodium PCA, Lauroyl/ Myristoyl Methyl Glucamide, Fragrance, Sodium Lactate, Phenoxyethanol,, Arginine, Asartic Acid, PCA, Mentha Piperita Oil, Sucrose Stearate, Sodium Chloride, Gluceryl Caprylate, Nigella Sativa Seed Oil, Xantham Gum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Citric Acid, Histidine, Phenylalanine, Sodium Benzoate, Dehydroacetic Acid, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, P-Anisic Acid


抛开lotion冲着moroSpot 来 ��

沐浴的当儿 也能“美白”“保湿”你说 你能错过吗��

- Mild pH Value
- Excellent Foaming ability
- Excellent Cleansing power
- Effective Whitening power
- Excellent Hydrating power

5.5ph值 ��適合孕婦/敏感肌/乾燥肌 suitable for all types of skins ; 100% natural
The Benefits 美白保濕沐浴露的好處

√ Softer & smoother skin after shower 沐浴後是皮膚柔軟光滑
√ Helps to maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier 幫助保持你皮膚的天然水分屏障
√ Prevent skin dryness / skin dullness 防止皮膚乾燥/ 皮膚黯淡
√ Recapture skin’s youthful luminosity 恢復屬於皮膚的年輕嬌嫩
√ Easy to rinse off 易於沖洗

主要成分有:柑橘�� 芦荟�� 葵花籽��
夏天雨後般如水乳交融的清新振奮, 空氣中飄盪著屬於花草植物的淡淡香氣, 柔和 的輕吻並滋潤你那嬌嫩的
肌膚上… 你們的相遇, 為夏天帶來一場美麗的浪漫邂逅.
夏日炎炎, 不只臉部需要被照顧, 暴露在太陽下的全身肌膚也需要特別的呵護, 才能保持白皙水嫩. 優劣的沐
浴露必備有你皮膚所需的重要元素, 挑選有美白保濕功能的沐浴露, 猶如臉部保護品般, 在沐浴清潔肌膚的
同時, 又能美白保濕, 一舉三得!
本品是天然水分與植物氨基酸混合物精華所結合而成. 沐浴露的質地並不黏稠, 細膩無雜質, 質地細膩的清
爽沐浴含天然柑橘成分, 能深入潔淨毛孔中的污垢, 老化角質; 同時清洗皮膚分泌的多餘油脂, 用後令肌膚呈
現潔淨清新的水嫩質感, 避免肌膚滋潤油脂顆粒及青春痘. 采用品質良好的葵花籽油對滋潤皮膚的保養效果
非常好, 使用時散發出清新的特別的柑橘香味, 令人難忘, 時刻保持肌膚健康平滑, 給您帶來煥然一新的感覺.
天然蘆薈汁具有殺菌消毒的功效, 不僅適用於任何膚質, 還可以幫助您對抗癬瘡、皮膚搔癢帶來的困擾~
高品質MORO SPOT 美白保濕沐浴露具備特質 :

為了保持皮膚的健康, 人體分泌出來的皮脂膜呈弱酸性, 本品的PH值在5.5左右, 可以防護皮膚抵禦外界刺激
侵襲. 沐浴露的溫和度直接關係到肌膚的酸鹼平衡.
本品細膩而又密集的泡沫能夠深入到毛孔及皮膚表面凹陷的部位, 帶走毛孔及皮膚表面的汙垢; 而汽泡大小
不均的稀疏的泡沫, 則不容易進入毛孔內部, 把污垢完完全全地清除, 因此泡沫的量以及密實性和彈性是選
本品是由油相物、水相物、部分游離態的表面活性劑、營養劑等成分構成的產品. 用沐浴露清洗肌膚時, 是
借油相物溶解身體油溶性的脂垢, 借其水相物溶解身體水溶性的汗漬污垢, 能徹底清除肌膚表面的油脂和污
產品被檢測來反映其抑制黑色素生成的美白能力, 使用酪胺酸標準本品溶液和富含酪胺酸脢的馬鈴薯值夜
反應, 同時加入本品溶液, 觀察反應後生成的黑色素的含量是否會有差別. 經過試驗後, 馬鈴薯汁液在加了本
品乳液後有變得澄清, 顯示其美白能力是有效的.
沐浴露的保濕能力好不好關係到肌膚的吸收營養物質的能力. 本品的保濕能力好, 能為肌膚提供一個好的環
境, 打好基礎, 能加快對皮膚護理產品的吸收.

柑橘幫助排除皮膚毒素. 有效改善乾燥、皺紋及溼疹, 是一種相當優異的護膚保養品. 柑橘皮裡所含的果酸
類物質, 有柔軟、更新皮膚的功效, 柑橘也能消炎、抗菌、有益於油性膚質保持清爽有活力.
由向日葵種子提煉的葵花籽油, 是屬於高滋潤的葵花籽油, 品質良好的葵花籽油對皮膚的保養效果非常好,
它類似於人體的皮脂, 並且能以仿效天然皮膚脂質的方式呈現中性油脂的特性會在皮膚表面留下一層薄薄
的油脂, 以保住水分, 同時, 它含有維他命E, 是保養肌膚的好選擇.
蘆薈的抗細菌作用源於蘆薈素的細胞素功能, 這種具有相對進攻性的生化性質, 使得蘆薈可以直接殺死細菌

消炎是蘆薈的一個重要作用, 無論是燒傷, 物理性傷害, 腐蝕性化學物質傷害還是紫外線, 熱輻射引起的發炎,
蘆薈都具有陣痛, 消炎作用. 實驗表明, 用蘆薈做成的消炎藥, 其藥效與現代化學合成的消炎藥相當, 而蘆薈不
含有害的成分, 對人體無任何副作用.
蘆薈對機體的免疫力的提高, 使得蘆薈在治療一些由免疫力下降引起的皮膚疾病時具有顯著的療效.
蘆薈的另外一個重要作用是促進傷口癒合. 蘆薈在促進傷口和潰瘍的癒合方面具有顯著的功效. 體表任何一
個部位或組織受傷, 傷口癒合都是其主要問題, 蘆薈可參與這種癒合過程.
√ 沐浴後是皮膚柔軟光滑
√ 幫助保持你皮膚的天然水分屏障
√ 防止皮膚乾燥/ 皮膚黯淡
√ 恢復屬於皮膚的年輕嬌嫩
√ 易於沖洗
不含 : 石油類活性劑、硫酸鹽、硅膠、對羚基苯甲酸酯、甲基異噻唑啉酮、合成著色劑、礦物油、動物成
分 (沒有應用動物實驗) 、酒精、氢醌
成分 : 水、椰油酰甘酸鈉、甘油、椰油酰胺丙基甜菜鹼 (丙二鹼、煙酰胺、雙甘油基聚已二酸二酯-2、芝
麻籽油、椰油辛酸/ 癸酸VPCA甘油油酸ESTER、鈉羚基皮酪烷酮、月桂酰/ 肉豆蔻酰甲基葡萄糖酰胺、乳

適合肌膚: 任何肌膚
用法 : 擠出適量沐浴露在手心或沐浴海棉, 打出豐富的泡沫, 輕輕的按摩於全身, 再用清水徹底沖洗. 僅限於

MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)

MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)

MoroSpot Bodywash: Whiten & Nourish with Aloe Vera in 1 Step (1 Bottle)
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