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Belik Eye Massager: Achieve Better Sleep & Reduce Eye Fatigue


Immerse in deep facial relaxation with Belik Eye Massager. Perfect companion for the modern busy ladies. The long usage of electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops can cause your eyes to feel tired after a long day. The Belik Eye Massager operates wirelessly and is USB rechargeable so you can combat insomnia without the danger of wires. Feel the deep relaxing massage and allow your tension to melt away with Belik Eye Massager.

Here are some of its benefits:

  • Improved oxygen transportation to eyes
  • Improved blood circulation for eyes
  • Eye relaxation
  • Facial muscle relaxation
  • Brain / mental health relaxation
  • Maintain eyesight
  • Relieves tension and anxiety
  • Helps battle insomnia
  • Helps prevent nightmares / frequent dreams leading to disturbed rest
  • Helps battle neurasthenia
  • Helps battle pseudomyopia
  • Eases hours of tension from laptop/PC usage, gaming, late nights
  • Portable and compact as it's foldable
  • Take it anywhere! Cordless usage in the office, on the bus, train, airplane, etc.

How does it work?

  • 5 modes (automatic, clear, dynamic, sleep, beauty)
  • Wireless connection
  • Usb charging
  • Air compression/vibration/heat
  • Intelligent wireless technology operated via touch keys, with voice warning tone.
  • Utilises different air pressure massages, vibration massage and gentle heating, along with the use of microcomputer chip control technology to help increase oxygen supply to the eye.
  • This product is a multifunctional high-tech device for optimum eye healthcare. It can also provide relaxing massages on the areas around your temples. With the help of the computer chip control technique, Eye Tune provides a human touch to the massage.
  • Eye Tune adopts leading-edge high-technology infrared heat producer that activates the cells around your eyes and stimulates the cell molecules through the use of vibrations.
  • Eye Tune also strengthens the combination of the molecules, and improves tissue regeneration capacity, thus improving immunology against diseases and infections.
  • The product successfully applies the concept of gentle air pressure to protect and maintain healthy eyes.

Who is BELIK Eye Massage for?

  • Those suffering from sight fatigue.
  • Those suffering from Pseudomyopia.
  • People who engage their eyes in their daily routine excessively (eg. staring at a small screen for long hours etc.).
  • Those who feel tensed and anxious.
  • Those suffering from insomnia, frequent dreams and neurasthenia.
  • Suitable for working people, people who plough through late nights, short sighted people, drivers, students and people who use PC/laptop/mobile for long hours.
    Belik Eye Massager: Achieve Better Sleep & Reduce Eye Fatigue

    Belik Eye Massager: Achieve Better Sleep & Reduce Eye Fatigue

    Belik Eye Massager: Achieve Better Sleep & Reduce Eye Fatigue
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