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Achieve beauty that radiates.

Our range of FABSkin products aim to improve your skin condition, elasticity, complexion and general skin health easily and conveniently. 

With natural ingredients and proven results, pamper your skin with rich, luxurious treats that achieve genuine whitening and cleansing effects without any harmful and harsh chemicals. Feel your skin become smoother, more supple and your overall being more relaxed.

Experience the healing powers of aloe vera, the enriching properties of sunflower seed oil and the wholesome goodness of rice. Enjoy the extra hydration that isn't oily, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple with a natural, healthy glow.


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Swisscorr Bust Oil
Swisscorr Bust Oil
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Swisscorr Bust Oil


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  • $79.00

Swisscorr Bust Contouring Oil increases breast size through three activities: 1. Regulate the enzyme to produce lipid G2PDH (+215%) to increase the storage of triglycerides in fat cells. 2. Inhibit fat decomposition and limit the production of cAMP.  3. Stimulate the mammary gland and breast dev...

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