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Achieve full body relaxation, and true deep sleep.

Sleep and relaxation are the two major life essentials, for without these, we’re incapable of functioning. We might make do with insufficient sleep for a period of time, but very soon the body stops performing at its peak, resulting in illness and disease. Next, constantly being tense without achieving relaxation builds tension up in our bodies, leading to aches, pains and sicknesses.

That is why at FABLife, our products are geared at helping you get a good night’s rest and achieve deep relaxation, naturally. With scientifically proven ingredients to help your body reach a whole body balance, you will attain that restful night you long for, all without harmful chemicals!

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SwissCórr-Apple-Stemcell- Body-Rejuvenation-Drink
SwissCórr Apple Stemcell Full Body Rejuvenation Drink
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SwissCórr Apple Stemcell Full Body Rejuvenation Drink


  • $86.00

Hailed from Switzerland, SwissCórr Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenation Drink is made with a special variety of Swiss Apple, Uttwiler Spatlauber, known to aid in skin cell regeneration and is the perfect companion in your fight against ageing. Feel the significant difference in just 10 days with softer s...

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