What Causes Damage To Skin Collagen?

What Causes Damage To Skin Collagen?

Understanding the important of collagen and how it directly affects the health of our skin has become a big priority for many leading beauty brands. However, do you actually know what causes your skin collagen to become damaged and how can you combat these problems?


There are varied reasons that impact the health of collagen balance in our body negatively-

#1. AGING: With age, the natural production of collagen starts going down, making it an arduous task to maintain the smooth tone and tightness of the skin.

#2. SMOKING HABIT: There is a conclusive evidence which proves the negative effects of smoking, as it slows down the synthesis rate of the collagen and alters the balance, leading to premature wrinkling & sagging.

#3. ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: The impact of alcohol consumption has an equally damaging effect on the collagen as smoking. It speeds up the aging process as the collagen level starts dwindling with more speed than normal.

#4. LACK OF EXERCISE: Lack of a healthy exercise regime not only influences our health adversely, but in addition it hampers collagen production to a great extent.   

#5. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: The exposure to pollutants of the environment play a havoc on the balance of the collagen levels, resulting in lessening of the elasticity of skin.  

#6. INJURIES: Injured skin cells fail to produce new ones to replace the damaged fibers.

#7. GENERAL REASONS: Some common factors like genetic disposition, immune suppression and hormonal imbalances, etc. also play a role in collagen depletion.

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