Reverse Your Age & Look Young: Apple Stem Cell Works Wonders

Reverse Your Age & Look Young: Apple Stem Cell Works Wonders


Apple Stem Cells Reverse Signs of Ageing

Whilst eating regular apples may not help you achieve the desired anti-ageing effect, stem cell extracts from a rare variety of apples may work to make you feel and look youthful. 

Cultivated in the 18th century and renowned for its long storability without getting shrivelled up, the Uttwiler Spätlaube apple has long-living tissue stem cells that enable it to stay fresh much longer than the common apple. Although it sounds a little mythical, much like the golden apples in the story of Hercules, we now have the science to back it up!


Clinical Tests

According to a clinical study, women treated with a compound containing apple stem cell extract experienced visible effects and extremely positive skin rejuvenation:

"The clinical study shows a relevant anti-wrinkle effect in 71% of the treated women with visible effects in 68% of the subjects as soon as 7 days of treatment. A significant increase in dermal density and skin elasticity was also observed."

Imagine that? After only 1 week of use!

And, in another study, it was specifically demonstrated that the apple stem cell extract can effectively reduce the appearance of crow's feet:

"Cultured apple stem cells as a cosmetic ingredient has shown significant potential to reduce wrinkles in the crow's feet area of the face. Depth of wrinkles was measured using the optical device, PRIMOS system for 3D skin surface display, and showed that the wrinkles became shallower by 8% after 2 weeks and shallower by 15% after 4 weeks."


Who Uses It

Michelle Obama: According to this article, the key to Michelle Obama's youthful looks lies in her usage of apple stem cell products.

Jennifer Lopez and Helen Mirren: According to the Daily Mail UK, pop star Jennifer Lopez and famed actress Helen Mirren also use the extract as part of their beauty regime.


The Product

At FABLife, we wish to help you achieve your beauty and anti-ageing goals in the most wholesome way. Whilst our Swisscorr Apple Stem cell extract isn't the exact same formulation as what the clinical trials used, our products are backed by research and incorporate only the finest ingredients.



Apart from being high in quality, our Swisscorr Apple Stem Cell drink is easy to prepare, and delicious to drink! It achieves multiple benefits in terms of:


  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Skin rehydration
  • Firming of breasts
  • Brain function improvement
  • Liver function improvement


And the list goes on. Please click on the image above to view its full list of benefits.

Apart from its rejuvenation effects, the following ingredients further enhance efficacies in achieving other health goals:

  • Collagen Peptide: Improves skin tightening & firming, reduce pores and reduce wrinkles.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Enhance skin moisture and skin ability to lock the water.
  • Salmon Placenta: Powerful anti-oxidants, rich in Omega 3.
  • L-Glutathione: Protect skin collagen and enzymes, it has a strong skin whitening effect. It can also help to purify the liver toxins and strengthen body immune system.
  • Soy Isoflavones: Regulate estrogen, delay menopause, improvement of menstrual pain, accuracy of menstruation period and breast enhancement.


The science is in - take the step to reclaiming your youth now!


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