Nearme - A Natural Way to Care for You and Your Intimates

Nearme - A Natural Way to Care for You and Your Intimates

Even in the 21st century most women don’t consider intimate hygiene as separate from their regular hygiene routine. For many of them, it's like cleaning their intimate parts in a similar manner just as taking a bath. However, for all of you thoughtful women out there, proper intimate hygiene requires different habits and it’s important for you to learn since your intimate area is far more delicate and prone to infection.

The first and foremost note which you should take is that your vagina has an acidic pH, which means it is more acidic than the rest of your body, this helps it to keep good bacteria such as lactobacilli in healthy condition and at the same time to keep the bad bacteria in check. Therefore, it is important that you should follow a proper intimate hygiene habit to avoid upsetting this pH balance and avoid the vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis.


To begin with, you should note that your intimate area is unique and also delicate. If you use soaps or products that you would normally use for bathing, washing internally or over-wash, it can easily cause issues related to odour, dryness or recurrent infections. This happens due to the upsetting of the pH balance of your vagina and the intimate areas.

Your vagina has the ability to naturally clean herself. The vagina has an internal lubricant which does the job better than your regular soap. This is the reason why it is best that you gently wash it daily with lukewarm water and use un-perfumed products if you need to.

Apart from that, since most of your clothes also require special treatment, it is suggested that you should choose something like Nearme Intimate Care which is an effective pH balanced enzyme cleanser specifically designed to protect and care for your delicate clothes.

The Nearme cleanser is formulated with natural ingredients and 20 different plant extracts. It is an effective antibacterial cleanser that aids in preserving the natural colour of your fabrics without the use of any harmful chemicals. It also keeps your clothes fragrant and fresh after each wash.

Apart from using the Nearme cleanser, you should take a look at our collection of lingerie and shapewaer from FinelyCup to help your body get back in shape for the upcoming festive gathering.

A special shapewear will not only help you keep yourself fit during the most significant times but will also offer a delicate care to your intimate areas. Whether it’s breasts, thighs or the rest of your intimate parts, it will help you ensure that you look your best in all situations.

A good body shaping such as the one from FinelyCup will give you a comfortable experience. It feels soft to wear and prevents your body from sagging through its improved elastic properties. Since there are no underwires, you need not worry about the troubles which you may encounter with some other products.

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