Living the FABLife: A story of trial, triumph, and transformation.

Living the FABLife: A story of trial, triumph, and transformation.

We asked Alice Neo, founder of FABLife, to share the story behind her beauty & wellness success. Here’s what she had to say, along with the insights she gleaned from her dramatic body image transformation.

Tell us about yourself.

I live each day in accordance with what FABLife stands for: Fashion, Arts, and Beauty in life. I believe that women should be confident and independent regardless of what life throws at us.

These passions have helped me develop a strong mental and physical wellbeing. This in turn gives me the courage and experience to inspire others to pursue their own overall well-being.

What was life like before your transformation?

I was that typical corporate executive who chose to be defined by nothing other than ambition and success. With a single-minded focus on career, my health and physique took a backseat. My weight piled on, and my self-confidence went to pieces.

To my peers, I was the picture of success. I had climbed the ranks and done well for myself. Inside, I felt inferior and unfulfilled.

What made you decide to make changes to your life?

In 2016, my company nominated me to attend a year-long leadership programme. There, I was challenged to realise my passions and potential, and to affect change in my surroundings. I graduated with a heart full of courage, and a determination to make the change for my life.

2016 was the year I made a bold decision to step out of my comfort zone, and perform a personal transformation.

What were the specific changes you wanted to make?

I’d gained too much weight (20kg since the beginning of my career). I was constantly feeling tired, and had to deal with regular skin outbreaks.

It was all too overwhelming, so I decided to start by fixing my body weight and boosting my immunity. I wanted to lose all the additional weight I gained, and gave myself a year to make it happen.

Describe your journey thus far.

With my job commitments and busy schedule, I knew I’d lack the time and willpower to exercise. Some might say I’m lazy, but I think I just know myself too well!

I started sourcing relentlessly for a holistic weight-loss solution that did not require exercise. Of course, I had to be sure that my choice of weight-loss supplements had to be natural, healthy, chemical-free, and most importantly, safe.

A year later, with a proper meal plan, constant encouragement, and the right supplements…

I lost 16kg.

And I lost it all without exercise.

The best part is: I’m still losing weight. And my weight loss has led to the improvement of my skin, hair and digestive issues.

Do you have any personal advice to share with the community of

Never throw in the towel. Never even think about giving up.

And most of all, love yourself. :)


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