Getting Back in Shape Post Pregnancy

Getting Back in Shape Post Pregnancy

It’s no secret that a woman’s body changes a lot during pregnancy and post pregnancy or postpartum. Most of us have anticipated the stretch marks, hormonal swings, and weight gain. However, we did not expect how much our breasts would permanently change after giving birth. It is a tedious task for you to search for the perfect pair of bra that is suitable for post-pregnancy care. Therefore, we thought that we should help you out to get back in shape during post-pregnancy.

Your breasts may not change much during pregnancy. Most of us know the fact that they may sag when we are nursing, but we naively expect that everything will get back to normal once we’ve stopped. The fact is that most of the pre-pregnancy bras no longer fit properly post pregnancy. Your breasts may look like deflated balloons. They will no longer look perky and firm, instead, they may look droopy. You may start feeling that the tops are getting loose. They will no longer fit, however, we all want to get back to our previous shape, and there’s no excuse to not go on a shopping spree for it.

For all mothers who want to look fabulous in every situation, give FinelyCup’s lingerie a try. It’s wireless design, soft breathable material and unique construction will help relief common troubles from a ill fitted bra.

The bra is made without any underwires and contains no formaldehyde giving you peace of mind and proper contouring without any harmful or toxic chemicals.

For post-pregnancy care and body shaping, our FinelyCup Shape-wear products are great for ladies who prefer a product that will not hurt, pinch or cause posture issues while donning it.

The best part is that, our products are made up of a lightweight and breathable material which lets you wear it for long hours without troubles at all. Each cup contains between 160-180 air holes which makes it optimum for ultimate breathability.

Along with it, the adjustable straps reduce the pressure on your back and shoulders, allowing you to get maximum adjustability to suit your needs. This in turn, helps correct your posture and allows you to breathe normally in all circumstances.

Depending on your needs relating to how much lift, cleavage, or support that you need, our FinelyCup range of products can be adjusted to suit your look. It offers you a perfect combination between modest and sexy.

First Thing’s First

Along with the perfect shape-wear, it is also important that you should start your exercising as a way to keep fit and burn calories. Try to do these exercises on a daily basis and see the difference for yourself. Of course, before you go ahead with any exercises, speak to your doctor to make sure that your body is suitable for such activities.

  • Belly Breathing and Pelvic Tilt - Start slow and begin this exercise with 5 reps while slowly progressing to 15 each set.
  • Ab Sliding - This is a simple and effective core exercise module which will help you activate the core muscles, while at the same time giving you a good workout to burn fats. Start slow with 5 reps in the beginning and slow increase to 10-15, depending on your body acceptance level.
  • Basic Bridge - Contracting your abdominal as you do this exercise will help you get back in shape really quick. Try doing this exercise in 5 to 8 sets per day, each set ranging from 10 to 60 seconds.  

The FinelyCup Shape-wear along with the exercises listed above will help you get back in shape with a fit and healthy body!

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