Get That Hollywood Figure

Get That Hollywood Figure

You can totally achieve that Hollywood body.

If you're not into diet and exercise, there might be an easier alternative for you to lose weight and get that hourglass figure - and that's shape wear.


What is shape wear?

Basically, shape wear is simply something that you wear throughout the day, mostly hidden underneath your everyday clothes. You have the option to choose shape wear that targets certain areas of your body, like your thighs, tummy or even breasts.


How does it work?

It actually works by compressing your fat, pushing and shifting them into other areas of your body, and letting you look slim and fit. Whilst it starts out as more of a tool to simply hide your love handles, overtime, and with the right shape wear product, you do burn some calories and fat.


Does any celebrity use shape wear?

Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Gillian Anderson, Blake Lively, Kerry Washington, to name a few.

Check out the full list here!


Any studies conducted?

Researchers at the University of Virginia conducted a study and discovered that:

"When women wore a “shaper garment” while walking on a treadmill, they burned more calories than without it. They postulate that the shape wear makes muscle work harder. This was a small study including 15 women whose average age was 39. They hopped up on a treadmill once without the shaper and walked for 15 minutes (3 mph with inclines changed every 5 minutes from 0%-5%-10%). Then, after a 15-minute rest period, the women repeated this exercise while wearing the garment."


Are there any risks involved?

We wouldn't be as irresponsible as to recommend something to you without highlighting the risks involved. Dr. Avitzur, a medical advisor for Consumer Reports, stated that shape wear that's too tight may cause health issues, as there's a risk of compressing our nerves and organs too much. 

To prevent problems, ensure you pick the right kind of shape wear, and get advice from people who know shape wear. Message us on Facebook anytime to ask questions! We reply promptly.


What kinds of shape wear does FABLife offer?

We have the FinelyCup Body Series, for full body shaping. Not only does this series help you in achieving that slim look, it offers other benefits like better body posture and extra comfort during menstruation.

There's also the bra series that offers superb comfort with no underwire. Seamless and made with superior materials, you'll love this for your everyday support.

Discover our full body shaping range here:



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