FABLife – Your Guide to Achieving Total Confidence

FABLife – Your Guide to Achieving Total Confidence

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Hi again FAB people. :)

I’ve just witnessed the most crushing moment a salesgirl could have experienced, in a shopping mall. Now, to clarify, my sharing of the story isn’t a form of gloating – I feel total sympathy for the salesperson but at the same time, it’s an opportunity to expand upon yesterday’s article and why a healthy self-esteem and confidence is critical in life.

Here's what happened:

I was at ION Orchard at 11am this morning, just browsing in a cosmetic store. Enjoying the peace of quiet shopping, my early morning mental monologue was abruptly halted when I heard a loud voice coming from the perfume section.

(Disclaimer: I’ve tried my best to share the conversation as exactly as possible, but do understand that due to how fast it happened, the below may not be 100% accurate. Also, Singlish alert!)

Customer: What do you mean, you don’t know? You work here how long already?

Salesgirl (in a soft voice): 9 months ma’am, b… but this brand not under me. My colleague who is handling this brand not in –

Customer: What nonsense!! You working here, you should know all the products. I’m only asking a simple question! Are you stupid?

Salesgirl (still in a soft voice, tearing up): I… I’m sorry ma’am but I really don’t know.

Customer: You’re so stupid! Hire you for what?! Useless!

At that point, the store manager stepped in to take control of the situation. I did not stay to watch as I couldn’t bear to see the salesgirl in tears. If it had gone on further I would've said something, but since the manager had gotten involved, I chose to leave the store.

Now… deep breaths. Let’s break the incident down.

The salesgirl was berated, insulted and put down. She was openly shamed by the mean customer. Her choice of action (or defense) was to placate the customer by explaining that her colleague was not around, and that she was not the one who normally handled the brand.

It’s all commendable – trying to remain peaceful. However, my personal opinion is this:

  • A clear, audible voice (as opposed to the salesgirl’s meek voice) would have told the mean customer not to cross the line. The salesgirl wouldn’t need to be rude or insulting, but by using a clear and firm voice, she would have sent the message to the customer that she will not be stepped on. (In fact, we advocate not being rude, pushy and insulting in return, because that itself is also a sign of deep insecurities.)
  • The salesgirl’s meek response to the mean customer’s aggravations is a sign that the salesgirl lacks confidence and very possibly a healthy self-esteem. A confident person with good self-esteem would know his or her self-worth, and would definitely take a firmer stance against name-calling and berating.

So, how can you improve your self-esteem and confidence?

To begin the process of improving self-esteem and confidence, at times we may need to dig deeper into our problems. Did we have a rough childhood? Were we constantly put down by people close to us, or fail to hear enough encouraging words? There are certain cases that require medical help, and as FABLife isn’t a clinic and we do not have medical practitioners, we can’t advise you on the medical side of things. We are able to, however, offer you insights based on modern researches and how you can improve your confidence naturally overtime – low-cost and fuss-free!



You’d be surprised but recently proven in a study is that the key to a healthy self-esteem and confidence is… SLEEP! Without going into the boring details, here’s the short version:


Individuals with insomnia symptoms scored lower on optimism and self-esteem largely independent of age and sex, controlling for symptoms of depression and sleep duration. Short sleep duration (<6 h) was related to lower optimism and self-esteem when compared to individuals sleeping 7-8 h, controlling depressive symptoms. Long sleep duration (>9 h) was also related to low optimism and self-esteem independent of age and sex.

Here’s the link to the full study: http://bit.ly/2yVzMbI

Now, before you run off to celebrate thinking that all you need is to crash-sleep for 14 hours two days a week, it isn’t as simple as that. For better confidence to be achieved through sleep, you need consistent, good quality sleep.

Why consistent? Research has proven that as adults, we need an average of 7-9 hours’ of sleep, every night. Therefore, if you only sleep well over the weekend, but less than 6 hours for the rest of the week, it doesn’t add up. You’ll still be sleep-deprived and low in self confidence. Click here for a sleep table: http://bit.ly/2xoJgZe

Furthermore, there is the question of sleep quality. Even if you slept 8 hours every night, are those 8 hours deep, nourishing sleep, or semi-awake and disturbed rest? For your mental health to be impeccable and self-esteem to be boosted up, you need actual deep rest. To joke about it – comatose or knockout lah.



At FABLife, we pride ourselves in offering products that boast natural, healthy ingredients. One such product is the all-new SOFit – which contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), an ingredient that aids in sleep and mood improvement through raising your Serotonin levels. Again, without boring you with too much details, here’s the science: http://bit.ly/2gvvqkb

Don’t wait any further – improve your sleep, improve your life: Discover SOFit today.

Alternatively, we also recommend another product for full body rejuvenation – boosted by the miraculous properties of apple stem cells.

FABLife Team
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This article is based on my personal experience, as well as the experiences shared by SoFit users. It is not intended to treat or cure any medical disease or body condition. I'm not a medically trained practitioner or a doctor, as such, any advice from our website is purely from a personal perspective. Please do your due diligence on the ingredients or check with your doctor prior to using any of our products or information.

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