Escape The Clutches Of These 5 Skin Problems

Escape The Clutches Of These 5 Skin Problems

It is truly said that ”The road to self-love is the one you should walk for a lifetime”. For self-love, self-care is very important. It is really important to be comfortable with how you look and feel. This can be done only when you start a self care regime for your skin and fight off issues such as skin irritation and other skin related problems.

At FABLife, we understand that our busy schedules as Singaporeans has allowed us to find excuses such as “Aiya, tomorrow then do lah!” or “Aiyo, so tired, where got time to take care of the skin?!”. With our simple process of Venna Rice Spa and Swisscorr Apply Stemcell Drink, you can be on your road a fairer, smoother and more radiant skin. However, before we start, you need to know about these 5 common skin problems:

  • Acne Breakouts:
  • There is a high possibility that all of us have suffered from this. It is the result of sleep deprivation, stress or even using the wrong products, causing skin irritation and outbreaks. Acne breakouts may also be caused by raging hormones (Anger and stress is usually a cause here). The best way to get rid of acne breakoutsis to use a gentle and soothing cleanser to exfoliate, soothe and moisturise the skin daily. Venna Rice Spa was voted the Best Skin Saver product by Beauty Insider in 2018 and has since received many rave reviews for its beneficial and effective solution. Our natural skin saver mask helps reduce the size of the pores to prevent further clogging. The dirt is prevented from being accumulated and this helps our skin look smooth and glowing after a long day out in the sun.

  • Patchy Skin
  • Uneven skin tone and increasing in pigmentation is a result of dehydration, in some serious conditions, flaking can occur due to excessive dehydrated skin. Therefore, we always highly recommend all of you to drink lots of water every day. Apart from water being an essential component of supporting natural bodily functions, it aids in providing moisture to our skin.

  • Itchiness:
  • Skin sensitivity towards irritants can result in further skin issues. Use of unnatural products even in a small quantity can make your skin pay a lot. The first thing when it comes to itchiness in the skin is to stop scratching no matter how much urge you have. Well girls, all I can say, avoid the itch and it is all for the better! Use products that provides sources of vitamin C and vitamin E which are known to be good nourishment for the skin. A good product such as Venna Rice Spa will provide a soothing solution to rid the itch and provide healing properties to the skin.

  • Uneven Pigmentation:
  • A lot of exposure to the sun or staying up through late nights can result in dehydrated skin, irritation, pigmentation and dark spots. All this make the skin look uneven and unhealthy. So you need to sleep early, let your skin have ample rest to ensure that you will be ready for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations!

  • Rough Texture:
  • Who wants a rough skin that makes you feel like the back of a crocodile hide? Putting on thick makeup to hide that unsightly skin texture is only a temporal process. What you really need is a gentle exfoliating solution that will allow you to use it on a daily basis. Rough skin is also a sign that your skin is unable to breathe and excrete oils to repel dirt and dust from the environment. This can lead to issues such as clogged pores, outbreaks and acne problems in the long run.

    Did you know that Venna Ricespa contains anti-ageing properties that can help in reducing wrinkles and keeping acne at bay? Couple this with Swisscorr Apple Stemcell Drink and you can be sure that your skin will start looking fairer, smoother and more radiant than ever before!


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