Enzymes Are Magic (Almost!)

Enzymes Are Magic (Almost!)


Everyone should add enzymes to their diet.

Hundreds of studies have been made on enzymes, with research data backing up their overall efficacy in boosting metabolism, nutrient absorption and rejuvenation.

During the digestion process, different enzymes take on different roles within the body. Some enzymes break down large molecules like proteins, fats and carbohydrates to aid faster absorption, while others facilitate the transportation of these smaller molecules into the bloodstream. When enzyme levels are low, the overall process takes longer as food-derived molecules take longer to break down without a catalytic assistant.

Systemic enzymes work throughout every organ and deliver nutrients to tissues and cells, enhancing rejuvenation and regeneration. Gut issues and constipation also receive healing when enzymes are added to one's daily regime.

Our Indox fruit fibre and enzyme product not only helps you in your daily health - it's also the winner of the 2018 Beauty Insider award for best organic and natural product.

A list of benefits:

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