Effortless Slimming with Scientifically-Backed Efficacy

Effortless Slimming with Scientifically-Backed Efficacy

Shoutout: This article is for every person out there who dislikes diets and exercise!  #DietExerciseYawnz

If you’re like me, you’ve probably experienced the same thing I did after starting the corporate life. Two horrifying words - weight gain.


a pair of feet standing on a weighing scale


You probably have also gone through the ups and downs of weight management, dieting and exercise (or lack of), and you’d understand the frustration and disappointments involved. Stepping onto the scale every single day just to see the needle move left became an obsession. Losing sleep, motivation, and even resorting to questioning yourself… over and over – “did I eat the wrong foods this week?” or “was that too oily?” or worse, “am I genetically doomed to be fat??”

I’ve tried dieting, but with a hectic work life, I simply didn’t have time to cook and prepare multiple “clean” meals every single day. I have no time for exercise (ok - I’m also lazy) due to working beyond our usual 48-hour work weeks. Organic foods are too expensive, and it’s still debatable whether they have any genuine weight loss benefits. And salads… simply do not satisfy my cravings.

It was only then, after much hunting around for the right supplements without success, that I decided to look into natural ingredients that would spark metabolism rates and send fat-burning into overdrive. My challenge - to make that body work off the fats without physically moving or dieting, yet remaining healthy!

Now, let’s break the various methods of healthy fat loss down:

  • Suppressing hunger so we eat less
  • Blocking the body from making fat
  • Speeding up fat burn
  • Controlling insulin levels by regulating metabolism and blood sugar
  • Improving gastrointestinal functions for efficient bowel movement
  • Doing all of the above while ensuring the body has energy and nutrition to function

That may seem like a daunting list. But, before you decide to give up and stop reading, I would like to share some excellent information uncovered during my research journey. I came across a few key natural ingredients that did just the above. Bear in mind, however, that this article focuses on what the ingredients do for fat loss. If you’re looking into the chemical mechanics of how they work, you’ll need to go to everyone’s best friend for that information – Google.

At the end of the article, I'll also share some testimonials of people who have successfully managed their weight issues without having to diet or exercise.

So… here goes:

Hydroxycitric Acid – Fat Burn Acceleration & Fat Absorption Blocker

Hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, is a natural derivative citric acid found in a number of tropical plants. It helps weight loss in a few ways:

  • Appetite reduction
  • Fat burn acceleration
  • Blocking the body’s absorption of fat by hindering a fat-making enzyme in your body
  • Suppresses hunger by raising Serotonin levels, which is a mood-boosting neurotransmitter.


Fibersol®-2 – Hunger Suppression & Gastrointestinal Improvement

A digestion-resistant maltodextrin, Fibersol®-2 aids your weight loss battle by:

  • Maintaining intestinal regularity
  • Relieving constipation and improving stool consistency
  • Reducing hunger
  • Increasing satiety hormones (you feel satisfied longer, after your last meal!)

(Need evidence? See the science backing it up here: http://bit.ly/2yiyEL3)


Inulin – Improving Bowel Habits & Healthy Bacteria Production

Inulin is a soluble fibre known for absorbing water more easily than carbohydrates, resulting in the formation of stool that can be passed by the body easily. It further:

  • Lubricates the digestive system and lowers risk of hemorrhoids
  • Increases faecal biomass and stool water content, resulting in better bowel movement and a more thorough defecation
  • Rapidly ferments the colon to product healthy bacteria
  • Reduces risk of diarrhea!

(Need evidence? See the science backing it up here: http://bit.ly/2fFHD36)


Raspberry Ketones – Preventing Obesity & Improving Condition of Fatty Liver

Raspberry ketones are what’s behind the aroma of the raspberry – with some added benefits:

  • Liver protection
  • Fat reduction
  • Metabolism and blood sugar regulation

(Need evidence? See the science backing it up here: http://bit.ly/2jQjIl4)


Now that we’ve covered the fat-burning, let’s keep up with the “healthy fat loss” part of the bargain:

Hyaluronic Acid – Support & Essential Framework for Tissues

Hyaluronic acid is found in a multitude of places within our body: connective tissue, joints, joint spaces, body cavities and tissue surfaces. It helps with the following:

  • Lubrication of joints
  • Maintaining the integrity of tissues
  • Fighting of bacterial infections
  • Improving elasticity of skin
  • Maintaining vision


L-Glutathione – Supporting Your Immune System

L-glutathione is the most abundant amino acid found in the skeletal muscle. Essential for the immune system to function at its peak, it also:

  • Anti-oxidises the body
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Maintains vitamins C and E in their active forms


There - the list is complete. So... why am I sharing this information with you? Mainly, it’s because we’ve been down the same path. We’ve shared the same woes, fought the same weight loss battles, and faced the same demons. And also... it isn’t fair that we can’t lose weight and still continue to enjoy that cupcake.


classy chocolate cupcake on white plate 


Fortunately, in mid 2017, all that changed. Enter SoFit, a powerful, scientifically-backed effortless slimming method.


SoFit slimming product

Weight loss has never been easier – no difficult-to-maintain diets, no forsaking leisure time by spending hours at the gym, and – no fuss. Before you click away, thinking this is a scam, check out some of our real SoFit users:

Fione - used SoFit for 15 days, lost 4 inches

fione, SoFit user for 15 days, face shotfione, SoFit user, measuring her waist losing 4 inches


Xin Chen, SoFit user, 10 days, tummy gone.

SoFit 10-day user, tummy gone


Fiona, SoFit user, 8 days. Lost 700 pounds.

Lost 700 pounds.


Find out how you can benefit from SoFit, here.


Until next time, 加油! :)


This article is based on my personal experience, as well as the experiences shared by SoFit users. It is not intended to treat or cure any medical disease or body condition. I'm not a medically trained practitioner or a doctor, as such, any advice from our website is purely from a personal perspective. Please do your due diligence on the ingredients or check with your doctor prior to using any of our products or information.

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