A Successful & Wholesome Sharing Day at the BeautyAsia 2018 Event

A Successful & Wholesome Sharing Day at the BeautyAsia 2018 Event

What a wonderful wrap-up to a fantastic beauty and wellness event, and FABLife is proud to have been a part of it!

With hundreds of beauty brands and wellness products gathered together at the BeautyAsia 2018 event, Singapore's only beauty trade exhibition has successfully earned itself a strong position in the region for its 22nd edition.

Open to trade professionals only, the event saw international exhibiters from China, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Belgium, Canada, France, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, U.A.E., U.S.A and Vietnam.

Running for 3 consecutive days at Suntec Singapore, we met many amazing people who were not only interested in our Venna products, but were also truly seeking overall improvement and wellbeing.

The first morning started out with that exciting mixture of anticipation and wonder... and as we set up our booth, I was constantly wondering: "will we draw enough interest and meet enough people to share the goodness of our products?"

Either ways, I brushed all negative and worrisome thoughts aside, and proceeded with the laborious task of setting up our event booth.


The chore of setting up...


... made more enjoyable by having some fun.


Very grateful for the wonderful team, without which all this would not be possible.


Nearly there...


... finally done!


A celebratory photo


Completing the booth setup was a nice accomplishment. But, the day was just beginning!

At around 11am, the doors were open to public. By noon, hundreds of people, eager to learn about the latest innovations in beauty and wellness, have filled the arena. Enquiries were made, cards, flyers and brochures were handed out. 

We had our own group sharing sessions, where we shared about Venna's natural wholesome ingredients, and how Venna's products changed our lives.


Essentially, we hope people will understand that, we aren't pushing the products exclusively for money. We do so because we have used the products and achieved transformation in our personal lives, and wish that through our experience, we can help others transform their lives as well. Having gone through personal distress over skin, figure and health, I know the debilitating effects such issues can have on one's emotional and mental health (you can read about my story here). It is therefore my primary dream to help every woman overcome these obstacles.


Common obstacles and support across all cultures


At the event, we met many people from all walks of life, and made many new friends.


As the day progressed, we gave countless demos to interested folks.


And eventually, acquired many new customers!


All in all, the 3-day event was a great experience - and a success. We sold over a hundred boxes of Venna Rice Spa and Venna Indox! But mostly, I'm truly happy to have met everyone who was there. Even if some parts of it were just casual conversations, I hope I had left an impression on some of you, and inspired someone to take charge of life and aspire towards your true potential.

If you wish to learn more about Venna products, please click here, or, message us on Facebook! We will always reply promptly. :)

Look forward to hearing your story.



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