6 Ways to Prevent Collagen Damage

6 Ways to Prevent Collagen Damage

There are numerous factors that can not only assist in preserving the equilibrium of collagen but also enhance the production of it. Here are 6 tips from the gurus of FABLife that might just help you with saving that precious collagen. 

 #1. Aging is a natural phenomenon and cannot be altered but with due precautions and a healthy lifestyle it can be taken care of.

#2. Smoking habit should be nipped at the earliest.

#3. Overindulgence in alcohol consumption leads to irreparable loss and hence, should be abandoned for good. The occasional drinks with friends and family is a healthy social activity, however, take precaution in over consumption.

#4. Incorporating a moderate exercise regime in your daily routine will improve metabolism which leads to many other benefits such as cellular regeneration.

#5. Exposure to pollutants should be minimised to control collagen damage.

#6. Being careful and avoid getting injured as trauma to the skin can cause damage to the collagen level as well.

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