3 Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast – Without Exercise or Diet

3 Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast – Without Exercise or Diet

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In our fast-paced lives, we often sacrifice personal health and wellbeing for the pursuit of our careers and other life obligations. The old adage that “health is wealth”, although easily understood, is not exactly easily attainable.

Imagine this – on an average day, if you spend 10 hours working, 1 hour on commute, 2 hours on household chores and another 2 hours on family – what does that leave you for sleep, leisure and exercise? Not nearly enough.

That’s sad – because the usual recommendations for staying fit and healthy would be:

  • At least an hour’s exercise a day (or a minimum of 4 to 5 times a week).
  • Not only that, you need time to prepare “clean” food for a diet that’s low in fat and refined carbohydrates.
  • You also need 7-8 hours’ of sleep every night. When you don’t sleep enough, your body produces less of leptin, the hormone that tells you to stop eating. Worse – if you don’t get sufficient sleep, your body also produces more of ghrelin, the hormone that tells you to eat!

But, even more honestly, who has that kind of time for exercise, work, leisure, sleep and chores, all in a single day?

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Granted, if you’re someone who enjoys outdoor activities or going to the gym, that’s great! Your body is probably getting the exercise it needs and you’re able to stay fit. However, there are many of us who either do not have time to exercise due to life’s commitments, or, to be blatantly honest, are simply lazy. :)

And that’s where weight loss supplements come in.

Now, before you close this browser window in a hurry, thinking that this is another sham or unhealthy pill recommendation full of side effects, we’re here to provide you with an alternative view on why some supplements work better than others, and why supplementation may be your route to a healthier, fitter life.

Here are our 3 tips on losing weight healthily and looking great, without diet or exercise!


Tip #1: Pick Supplements with Ingredients Backed by Science

With so many supplement brands out there claiming to work miracles for weight loss, your best bet would be to use only supplements that contain ingredients verified through science.

For example, in a report published by Japanese researchers, the ingredient Hydroxycitric Acid, or HCA (also found in our product SOFit) has been independently proven by research to reduce abdominal fat effectively with no adverse or rebound effect.

What’s more, the fat reduction happened in a matter of 12 weeks! If you’re too lazy to read through the whole research, scroll close to the bottom for the conclusion. :)

Here’s the link to the study: http://bit.ly/2zP28Ba

If you need more assurance, here’s another trial published in 2004: http://bit.ly/2hn8elx


Tip #2: Take Supplements That Work Round the Clock, As Exercise May Not

Supplements, if consumed correctly as recommended by the manufacturer, keep up the process of fat-burning and appetite-reduction throughout the day. You never need to put in the extra effort or mental restraint to make supplements “work”. Unlike exercise, where the effects are dependent on how well you perform during a training session, supplements work even when you’re tired, with the added benefit of boosting your energy levels even if you’re not well-rested!

One such ingredient that works round-the-clock to aid in muscle retention (which helps calorie burn) is L-Carnitine. It has been proven in a study that L-Carnitine diverts glucose uptake towards storage overnight, thereby helping your muscles retain fuel instead of consuming protein for maintenance, which can lead to muscle breakdown. Muscle is key to fat-burning at rest, so, having an ingredient that helps retain muscle is vital to a low-exercise and no-diet weight loss regime.

More on the research here: http://bit.ly/2gTRGEL


Tip #3: Stay Consistent, & Stick with The Plan

This tip probably needs no further elaboration – as with even the best of any regime (if there is such a thing), staying consistent and dutifully taking your supplements would ensure long-term success. Remember, at the start of any course of nutritional plan, the first few weeks are more of a “conditioning” phase, whereby your body establishes a baseline for the progression of the effects. Any benefit would be minimal (but there will be benefits!). This is because every person’s body is unique, and results will inadvertently be different in every case. By keeping up with the course over a few months, you’ll see the true results attainable by the supplements.

We hope this article has helped you in your consideration (and trepidation) towards weight loss supplements. Whilst there are many notorious brands out there, genuine, wholesome ones like SOFit are here to help you in your goals.

Happy weight loss!


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