3 Nature-Based Skincare Products to Clear Up Your Acne This Xmas & New Year!

3 Nature-Based Skincare Products to Clear Up Your Acne This Xmas & New Year!

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Are you frustrated that no matter what product you try, your acne problem never goes away? Have you gone through bottle after bottle of skincare that promises "amazing results", but never actually worked?

Here's the good news - there are 3 products made from natural ingredients that actually DO work. And with no side effects like dry skin, overly oily texture and allergic reactions.

Get yourself ready for a real treat with the first one!


1. Venna Rice Spa Face Wash

This luxurious, natural and chemical-free facial wash harnesses the best that Nature offers, to give you that perfect clean and glow every single time. Here's a list of what it does for your skin:

  • Skin whitening
  • Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-sensitive 
  • Regenerate and reduce dead or damaged skin cells
  • Reduce dull skin, spots and signs of ageing 
  • Diminishing of fine lines and reduction of wrinkles 
  • Eliminate fatigue and restore vitality 
  • Help skin to retain moisture and glow 
  • Effective in curing acne 
  • Maintain skin elasticity 
  • Replenish nutrients needed by skin 
  • Relax muscles, relieve stress and boost cell regeneration

As you can see, it's a very complete solution - whether you struggle with lines, pimples, blackheads, oily skin, dull skin or fatigue in general - Venna Rice Spa is a wholesome natural way to solve these problems. Here's also an instructional video on how to use it:



 2. Swisscorr Apple Stem Cell Drink

Here's a delicious, convenient drink that can help you clear up skin problems, as well as improve your overall wellbeing. Made in Switzerland with all-natural and wholesome ingredients, Swisscorr Apple Stem Cell cares for you from the inside out. Here's a list of the benefits:

  • Enhanced cell reproduction
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dehydrate and improve dry skin   
  • Brighten & Radiate the skin and reduce pigmentation
  • Firm up and restore skin elasticity, and tighten pores
  • Breast firming and enhancement
  • Accelerate hair and nails growth
  • Improved metabolism
  • Boost immune system
  • Improved gastrointestinal problems and constipation
  • Strengthen liver function
  • Strengthen blood vessel elasticity and prevent blockage
  • Helps brain development and increase memory
  • Helps to reduce water retention and enhance slimming results
  • Anti-Radiation
  • Balance Hormones
  • Regulate menstruation and improve its related conditions such as irregularity, cramps, etc.
  • Delay menopause

All these, from just one, simple drink. Why is it effective? The answer is simple - when your body isn't functioning well from the inside, and is laden with heavy metals and toxic bacteria, and your bowel movements aren't going smooth enough to expel these harmful toxins, your immune system weakens as a result and the body's ability to fight off and recover from these "invaders" doesn't kick in. The end result? Acne, illness, hormonal imbalance, to name a few.

Cleanse your body from the inside out with a drink - and achieve great, glowing skin today.


3. Swisscorr SoFit Detoxification Drink

Swisscorr SoFit Detoxification Drink

A fuss-free and easy solution to achieve great skin, whilst losing weight and achieving better sleep at the same time - Swisscorr SoFit.

This is yet another product that works on getting acne-free skin, a svelte figure and overall great health - from the inside out. Extremely pleasant to drink with a great flavour and taste, Swisscorr SoFit helps you to achieve the following:

  • Burn Fat
  • Increase metabolism
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Reduce absorption of carbohydrate
  • Reduce body fats and absorption of fats
  • Improve bowel movements
  • Improve sleep
  • Suppress appetite
  • Promote production of intestinal good bacteria
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Whitening and reduce pigmentation
  • Purify liver toxins
  • Dehydrate & Replenish water
  • Improve skin smoothness and radiance
  • Increase skin elasticity


With natural ingredients made from the finest sources, you'll never need to rely on harmful chemicals or go through regime after regime of skincare and slimming. The detoxification process looks after your kidneys, liver and entire intestinal system, which are the key major organs that help your body cleanse itself of impurities so that you get great skin, awesome health and a slim figure!

Try the popular sweet and sour blueberry flavour today.


We wish you the best in your journey for great skin. Have a Merry Christmas!


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